As one of the the 4 largest financial institutions in the country, NAB has more than 36,000 staff across the region. Spread across hundreds of sites, and multiple business units, the communications teams have relied on innovative ways to reach and engage their people. One of the biggest challenges is that many of their workers are in customer facing roles, which makes it difficult to communicate complex or involved messages.


NAB uses video extensively to communicate with corporate and field office staff across business and consumer banking, insurance and wealth management. Regular business updates, regulatory changes and new product information is shared in video to be easily consumed by their people on any device, wherever they may be. NAB was an early adopter of user generated video content, capturing thousands of stories from their people to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing.

“A lot of our audience is time poor or on the road, so videos are a really effective way of communicating a long message in a short, visual and easy to absorb way”

Caitlin Morris, Channel & Change Communications Associate

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